Transportation & Disposal of Contaminated Waste

Environmental services throughout New England & New York

 Specializing In:


Construction Debris

Contaminated Soil

Lead Based Paint & Lead Contaminated Materials

Industrial Waste

Pigeon Guano

RCRA Hazardous Waste

Solvents, Oil, Paints

Fluorescent Bulbs and PCB Ballasts


Technical Support

Through technical data review and over 20 years of experience we understand each regulation and possible disposal exemptions. We can assist clients in the following ways:

• Understanding “generator” status

• Clear explanations of waste characterization

• Providing multiple disposal options with price advantages

• Laboratory Analysis Assistance

• Manifest & Profile Guidance

• Accurate invoicing with proper backup documentation

Bid Support

At I.A.T., we realize that bid specifications do not always clarify the exact wastes in question, and we can assist with making that determination. Here are some of the factors we consider when reinforcing a competitive bid:

• Type of waste and type of transportation needed

• Location and amount of waste

• Location and proximity to closest proper disposal option

• Time allotment to move waste

• Special facility/landfill restraints

• Handling fees or hidden taxes/charges

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